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Food Hero: Tony Lang 

"It is a great cause, extremely sad situation and very very humbling. I just can't see how as a society we leave this many people hungry and I know this goes way beyond the virus as this is not a new scenario it's just magnified big time right now. Glad members of our society are trying to step up and help those that need it. I wish we could do this all the time. Anyway, humbled and grateful and thank you again for everything!”

Recipient: From a client of Foster Kinship

“Without you many of us would not know how to get through this. God Bless and thank you for all the help.”

Food Hero: Kristen Searer, CEO, Public Education Foundation

"Everybody was very grateful for this service, and it was a huge pick-me-up for me! I have already signed up for a few more shifts." 

Restaurant Partner: From Tiffany Styles, owner of The Jolt Coffee Co

A couple of days ago I had a customer call the store and she told me that she lives out of state and her mother, a senior citizen who lives in Las Vegas, received three meals at her door and was very surprised. The bag had The Jolt’s information inside so she decided to call us to see what the program was about. I told her about DwD and she was just amazed by what we were doing and the food we are able to provide for our at-risk community. She said it really makes her happy to know that her mother is being cared for in this way and that there are people looking out for her mother while she is quarantined in California. That phone call really stuck out in my mind because it showed me how far we are really impacting the community in ways that never crossed my mind."

Restaurant Partner: Chef Paras Shah, Valencian Gold:

“I am humbled every day that we are able to help folks get food on their tables. Thank you for allowing our team here at VG to be a part of such a timely and worthy cause. It has really been an honor, thank you.” 

Recipient: a family referred by Foster Kinship:

The kids and I wanted to send you a quick note to say, THANK YOU AND THE TEAM SO VERY MUCH. These meals have been such an amazing help to our household. I’ve been able to pay two bills, on time, because our dinners were already paid for. The peace of mind that gives me cannot be measured with any kind of accuracy.  I had to have emergency surgery on Monday. The gift you have given us, the relief from constant overthinking and anxiety regarding food insecurity is immeasurable. Thank you again. We are truly blessed and humbled.”

Food Hero: Heather Harmon, NV Museum of Art:

"I had my third shift today of Delivering with Dignity and I cannot express how touching it is to see a friendly wave from afar in this surreal time. Although respectful of social distancing, seeing those smiles (from behind glass), makes your heart melt. Thank you for bringing meaning to such a challenging time. I’m so grateful!!”

Recipient: Family Referred by Communities In Schools:

"The food has been great. It is very helpful because my daughter and I are immuno-compromised and we don't have to put ourselves in danger to get food anymore.” 

Recipient: Referred by NPO partner AFAN:

“God bless everyone involved in this program. None of you have to do this but you chose to and here you are protecting people like me.” He continually said he did not know what he did to deserve such great treatment by everyone he has come into contact with but for a “hermit” like himself this has become the highlight of this tragedy and he looks forward to it every week. From the bottom of my heart I cannot express how much I appreciate this program as well. Food Security is an issue I address with my clients at AFAN daily and this resource is immeasurable, especially at this time. I can sleep better at night knowing our most at risk clients aren’t going to bed with empty tummies.

Food Hero: Anonymous 

“This was a great volunteer experience, especially during these times. The pick up of food was well put together and the addresses of delivery sites were all close together which made delivering easy. The most memorable part was seeing the genuine reaction of thankfulness from those we deliver to. Each person seemed to sigh relief when they saw the food at their doorstep. It really made the drive and delivery worthwhile.” 

Recipient: Referred by NV Senior Services:

"Having meals delivered gives me more time to see to my mom’s needs. I have to be sure she does not fall again, so whenever she decides she wants to walk I have to be there...Last night we had chicken and pasta with guacamole dressing. Mom ate lots. I cook good, but the variety we are receiving she really enjoys...The meals are more healthy than what I could prepare at this time, with the crisis we are facing."

Recipient: Foster Grandparents referred by Foster Kinship: 

“I received the delivery today and wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you. It's been the first time in over a week that I ate anything without feeling like I might be taking food out of the mouths of the kids. Thank you again, the food is delicious and a godsend right now in more ways than one.  Bless you all for your generosity and kindness. Be safe and healthy.”

Food Hero: Volunteer driver appropriately named Hope:

“What a pleasure it was to drive and give my time today. I needed to be able to serve my community in a bigger way and I appreciate you allowing me to be a part of something bigger. I'm excited to do this again. I'm truly grateful, really, to serve in this time of need to help people in our community. People were very excited to see me show up at their door's today. One women cried. She was so happy to receive the food."

Restaurant Partner: Marc Marrone, Graffiti Bao - one of DWD’s restaurant partners:

“We are so happy to be a part of this. It is a positive focus every day for our team in a world full of negative. It really means a lot.”

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